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 Supply of fungal extracts

Extract library

MYCOSPHERE's library of fungal crude extracts is derived from its unique fungal collection.  The extract library currently contains more than 40,000 extracts.  Extracts can be used directly or after further purification or fractionation steps.

The extract and compound library is available for industrial screening.  Please contact us for more details.

Production and supply of customized extracts for industrial screening 

Besides our extract library, we offer customized programs to supply fungal compounds for industrial screening.  New  fermentation and extraction processes can be carried out according to our clients' specifications.  Fermentations from  10 to 5000 ml are routinely performed in our laboratory.    Depending on the scale of fermentation, we have no problem supplying up to several thousands of extracts per month.

Innovative media and culture conditions are used to ferment isolates from our collection or fresh fungal strains so as to maximize the production of secondary metabolites.  Extracts are typically vacuum-dried and dispensed into micro-tubes, glass vials or multi-well plates. Selected information on the microbial strains, fermentation and extraction processes is provided upon request.

We also carry out:

- purification steps on crude extracts derived from filtrates or mycelia,

- fractionation of extracts via HPLC/PDA on semi-prep/prep scale,

- isolation of pure fungal compounds,

- quantification and formatting of extracts, fractions or compounds.



Chromatogram of a crude extract showing major compounds


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