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Why exploit fungi diversity in discovery programs?

Supply of fungal cultures

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Hellicosporium sp. spore

 Contract research services

We offer very competitive opportunities for collaborative research.  

Research Collaborations can be established on the basis of:

- Reimbursement of research costs, 

- Fees for the supply of material or services,

- Sharing of benefits in the event a commercial product is developed from the transferred fungal material.

We are flexible and can customize programs to meet your needs and requirements.


MYCOSPHERE collaborates with pharmaceutical, agrochemical and biotechnology companies worldwide.



Improve your hit rate !

Looking for a cure for low hit rate?

We can help.

At Mycosphere, we explore untapped fungal diversity, maximising its potential in the pharmaceutical industry.

We provide high-quality fungal cultures and compounds to support your industrial screening programs.

And who knows, your next blockbuster drug could be just sitting in our petri dish.


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