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Laetiporus sulphureus on tree trunk, Guadeloupe island


Founded by Olivier LAURENCE in 1997 within the National University of Singapore, MYCOSPHERE was incorporated as a private and independent company in 2000.  MYCOSPHERE  provides research services to companies and institutions involved in the discovery of new pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, enzymes and/or other biotechnological processes from microbial sources.

MYCOSPHERE specializes in fungi isolation, taxonomy and fermentation technology.  Since 2003, research is being carried out in 300 m2 of well-equipped laboratories located in southwest of France.

Through its unique and dynamic fungal culture collection, and continual bioprospection activities, MYCOSPHERE is the source of  biological material indispensable to laboratories involved in lead discovery from natural origin.

Our mission

To explore the global fungal diversity in respect of the Convention on Biodiversity.

To contribute to the discovery of new compounds with commercial applications, in collaboration with the industry.

Ascomycete spores and fruit body on mangrove wood

Looking for entomopathogenic fungi...

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