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Biodiversity access

Fungi prospecting and isolation

Fungal culture collection

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Why exploit fungi diversity in discovery programs?

Supply of fungal cultures

Supply of fungal extracts


Saagaromyces glitra ascospores from mangrove wood

Other Services

MYCOSPHERE also provides the following services:

- Identification of fungal cultures,

- Customized isolation and supply of cultures and extracts of actinomycetes and bacteria,

- Physiological studies, determination of optimal growth parameters of fungi, strain improvement,

-  Screening of microorganisms of industrial significance (e.g. for antimicrobial activities, production of enzymes and other metabolites, degradation of xenobiotic and recalcitrant compounds),

- Research on fungi-fungicide-plant interactions and mycorrhizal technology,

- Monitoring of indoor fungal contaminants,

- Microbial analysis of food and agricultural products.



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