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Selection of cultures after an isolation program for endophytic fungi 

 Fungal culture collection

After isolation, new strains are carefully examined and compared with our existing collection using MYCOSPHERE’s computerized Microbial Collection Management System.  Replicates and common genera/species (e.g.  Penicillium, Aspergillus, Cladosporium, Trichoderma) are usually eliminated to optimize the diversity of the collection.  

However, we are well aware that even common genera could have great potential for new discoveries.  Moreover, intra-species variability is very common and valuable and new secondary metabolites may only be produced by a specific variant.   In the framework of high-throughput screening programs,  we encourage the screening of a wide range of fungal isolates selected with our care.

Cultures are immediately preserved using techniques such as low-temperature preservation (-80 or -140ºC), freeze-drying and storage under mineral oil.

Currently, MYCOSPHERE’s fungal collection consists of over 13,000 cultures isolated from a wide range of substrata.  Around one-third of the cultures has been identified to the genus or species level while the rest are de-replicated isolates.  Our collection is dynamic and new additions are continually made from our isolation programs.

MYCOSPHERE's collection of fungal cultures is a unique source for the discovery of new secondary metabolites and other compounds.


Fungal groups and origin of isolates

Catalogue of available fungal isolates


Fungal cultures stored under mineral oil


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