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MYCOSPHERE is at the interface between countries having excellent biodiversity and the industry specializing in the discovery of new products from natural sources.

MYCOSPHERE's aim is to explore untapped ecological niches  and isolate original microbial taxa so as to propose an optimized diversity of both organisms and chemicals for research.  We take charge of the following pioneer steps necessary for the downstream processes of successful natural product discovery programs:

- Establishment of bioprospection agreements with countries having excellent and untapped biodiversity,

- Field work, collection of samples and isolation of fungi in often difficult conditions and remote locations,

- Further isolation, identification and culture of microorganisms in laboratory conditions,

- Small scale fermentation and production of microbial extracts and compounds for screening.

Our collaborators will enjoy key benefits such as:

- Access to an excellent diversity of biological resources in respect of the Convention on Biodiversity, without the difficulties and risks involved in the actual collection process,

- Expertise and know-how in microbial isolation and fermentation, especially pertaining to fungi,

- Quality and customized services.

We are dedicated to meet our customers' needs and requirements for successful discoveries.

Unexplored primary forest in southern Laos

Polypore on mangrove tree, Singapore


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