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Sub-tropical mountainous forest, Réunion Island

Primary rainforest, French Guyana

 Biodiversity access

MYCOSPHERE is fully aware of the importance of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and is supportive of its three main objectives:

- Conservation of biological diversity

- Sustainable use of the resources

- Fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from the use of genetic resources

Clearance is always sought with the relevant national authorities from the country of origin to collect, dispose of and make use of  biological material. Our collection of samples and fungal material has no detrimental impact on natural habitats as only a few grams per sample are required for culture isolation purpose.

Massive and irreversible destruction of natural (especially tropical) habitats is really occurring at an alarming rate.  MYCOSPHERE regards the Convention on Biological Diversity as a good opportunity to promote international scientific and economic collaborations for mutual benefit, before most biodiversity hot spots are destroyed. 

 Research and collaboration agreements

MYCOSPHERE actively seeks new collaborations with relevant government authorities and individuals to legally access diverse and untapped natural habitats for microbial isolation.

Through benefit-sharing agreements, source countries would in return receive compensation from MYCOSPHERE.  This compensation could be in several forms, e.g. economic (royalties in the event the collected material leads to the development of a commercial product) and/or scientific (fungal surveys and inventories, discovery of new species, training of local scientists, provision of laboratory equipment).

We welcome both individuals and institutes to contact us to explore collaboration opportunities.

Signing of collaborative agreement with government authority in Nepal

Expedition in temperate mountainous forests


Jungle expedition, Royal Chitwan National Park, Nepal

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